About me...

Matteo Burbui My name is Matteo Burbui, I was born in Figline Valdarno August 17, 1990. Currently I'm living in San Giovanni Valdarno, a small town near Florence.
During the high school I've studied pedagogy, but suddenly I've realised that discipline wouldn't be my future; so, after the school time, I've been studying HTML, PHP and JavaScript. In 2010 I've started my cooperation with Oga manufacturer, as a typesetter, for three years: during this time I've created some useful programs for the company, like custom calculators, work diary or utility.
Even though I had a good salary and all in all it was not bad, after three years, I've decided to go back to school, and I've begin enrolling to computer engineering.At the beginning I've followed both activities: in the morning I've attended the classes and in the afternoon I've returned to work, even during my days off. After the first quarter of 2013, i've realised that i had to focus totally on informatical disciplines, so i asked for a leave that my boss refused to give me: so I've determined to leave my job and dedicate all of my time and resources to the computer engeneering.
The following year, I've worked as an educator and administrator at I Folletti del Bosco, my mother's kindergarten.
Here I've spent my time for computing, writing the website of the nursery and optimizing the SEO.
After this period I've worked like freelencer for many companys like Alias2k of Montevarchi. In May 2017 I start the internship in Max Media of Arezzo and in January I completed it, working in the company like Web Designer apprentice.