About me...

My name is Matteo Burbui, I was born in Figline Valdarno August 17, 1990. Currently I'm living in San Giovanni Valdarno, a small town near Florence.
During the high school I've studied pedagogy, but suddenly I've realised that discipline wouldn't be my future; so, after the school time, I've been studying HTML, PHP and JavaScript. In 2010 I've started my cooperation with Oga manufacturer, as a typesetter, for three years: during this time I've created some useful programs for the company, like custom calculators, work diary or utility.

Matteo Burbui


  • 90%


    It's one of programming language I'm getting use, I focused on the relationship with the objects, I made the framework used to made this website in PHP.

  • 90%


    Although this is far from a programming language (at least not at the level of the other languages) it is a particularly useful language in the web area, both as the style of the web pages and to create the best effects in terms of speed and resources.

  • 95%

    Javascript & JQuery

    This is another language I well depth; particularly when linked to the JQuery library. You can find some script that I writed una piccola collezione di script da me creati può essere trovata here.

Works Done

Below you can find some of the programs that I made over time

During the course of my career I have created some programs some of which I can share their work with you. Some of them are complete, while others have I decided to limit their functions for reasons of security, if you contact me I can show you the most "powerful features", but given their strength can be harmful if exploited badly